Licensing Instrumentals on Beat Brokerz


Beat Brokerz created a way for Producers to license their instrumental works for various uses such as making songs, videos, broadcasts and live performances. The marketplace is automated for handling the sale and delivery of available licenses from store to store across the board.

License Limitations

The Producers are in charge of the stipulations and limitations placed on the licenses available for each beat in their catalog as well as what file type is delivered.  A detailed description is available for all licenses as to what rights are included.


In the contracts stipulations is a field form of credit requested. Depending on the license type or rights given, the term can range from written, to audible and even where the Producers leaves tags or one tag on the beats.

File Delivery

Each license comes with at least one downloadable file type such as Mp3, ZIP or RAR. WAV and tracked out files are delivered compressed formats that will need software for extraction. Free software such as 7-ZIP and WinRAR are available to download by using a quick Google search.

Untagged Beats

Unless specified, the delivery files should come untagged. If an untagged file was not delivered, customers have the ability to call us directly to either retrieve the untagged file or return their payment with a refund. 1-855-RAP-BEAT or for customer service.

Default Licensing

 A set of default licenses and prices are put in place for all producers using Beat Brokerz. Producers can create their own custom licenses as well as set their own prices to make available in their store. It is important to take a look at each license to see exactly what you are purchasing. If you don’t see the right license available look for the yellow thumbs up button to Make an Offer.

Offer System

Ask for the rights you need, the files you want and offer the price you want to pay. Purchase can be made upon the producers accepting the offer terms. Producers can look over the terms of the contract and either accept the offer as it stands, or offer new terms and renegotiate the license, license terms or files delivered before sending it back to the Customer. Renegotiation options are available for both parties.

The Broker

We continue to offer the service of hosting a marketplace for Artists, Producers and affiliates to connect while remaining the broker in the transactions to ensure the purchases are legitimate for all parties involved.

Budget Beat Promo that Works

We look to do one job at Beat Brokerz; connect artists and producers to facilitate the transactions as the broker. We are ensuring that each and every transaction is completed to the standards of all parties involved.

We offer promotions for Producers to showcase their latest or favorite music in our spotlights on the front page and Producer’s page for a better chance of being seen by the customers on the website.

Upgraded memberships come with promo point packages every month. Producers can also buy points from the promo center in every upgraded account for just pennies. Another option is to exchange any sales balance for instant promo points.

The point system is set up in a similar fashion to the Google Adwords advertising only we use promo points instead of actual money. The reason we do this is to offer the chance to save money by purchasing larger packages of points and exchanging sales for points, which offers the best value price per point.

The system is based on bidding points. The goal is to place the highest bid daily to win the promotion spot. Promotional bidding opens every night at 10PM PST and closes the following day at 8:30PM PST.

Throughout the day notifications are sent out to those producers who have been outbid, giving them a chance to submit a higher bid before the bidding closes for the day.

The promotions are a key element in how our chart system is configured. We rank our producers and their beats based on the criteria of sales and promotions. Both of these values can have a lasting effect on the chart position to help bring in more sales.

Any producers interested in trying out Beat Brokerz promotions are encouraged to give us a call at 1-855-RAP-BEAT(727-2328)