Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that matters.


The amount of effort and value you put into something determines the reward you will receive for the time and work you put in.


Caring for your store is taking ownership of your domain. Beat Brokerz is a marketplace for producers to join so they can have their own area of the website. We also rank producers in the charts based on the promotions they run and the sales they earn through licensing their music.


We have useful tools for Artists to communicate with Producers. Being receptive and reliable to the customers is good business that can lead to more business. Not only with that customer, but also through the positive effects sales make to your standing on Beat Brokerz.

Tools of the Trade

Understanding the tools available and how to use them are important but not as much as using them. Offers, custom licenses, discount deals, file storage, file delivery, purchase history and log, as well as many other ways to utilize the site and what’s available to you.

Eggs in a Basket

When it comes to online websites the trend seems to lean towards producers putting all their eggs in one basket. Choosing a website that is best equipped for the job is key in gaining a customer base. Putting your focus on the right websites will increase your chances of establishing your presence in a marketplace designed to meet your goals.


Setting goals is easy, achieving them is the hard part. When you set the right goals, and use the right tools for the job, things begin to become easier. A lot of Producers goal in 2017 is to put their eggs in the Beat Brokerz basket to make their brand known, their music heard, and earn money selling their beats.

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