How to Sell Beats on Soundcloud

How to sell beats on your Soundcloud…?

That sounds like a question, but it’s really not. There are a lot of people using Soundcloud as a major avenue to broadcast their music, but I’ve heard producers say there isn’t a way to sell your rap beats easily through Soundcloud, but there really is an easy way anyone can easily sell their music directly from their Soundcloud catalog.

A friend of mine actually told me about this very useful tool available on all Soundcloud accounts, and that is the “Buy” link. You can link to your beat page for individual beats from your Beat Brokerz catalog, for customers to view all the beat and licensing info and instantly purchase the beats you have available on both Soundcloud and Beat Brokerz.

Beat Brokerz also utilizes this powerful feature on our Beat Brokerz Soundcloud account.

When you upload your beat on Soundcloud under the Metadata tab you have the option to insert a “Buy” link into your song. The link will show up with “Buy” as the default text. With the upgraded accounts, you can also edit the display text as well and all accounts allow you to insert a link to your sales page.

Being ready to sell your beats when people are ready to buy is a crucial component in making money online. This powerful tool can help you make more sales, and avoid the risk of losing sales due to an unequipped Soundcloud page.

Having your beats available on Beat Brokerz means you can link directly to the beats individual page equipped with buying options, licensing terms options displayed for the customer and offer negotiations. Customers can buy the music they hear and receive it instantly without you lifting a finger.

Customers are everywhere, and Beat Brokerz helps you take advantage of their buying needs by helping you fulfill their orders.

You can also cater to Mobile users by linking to your official Brand page on Beat Brokerz which is a mobile ready beat selling app for phones and tablet devices. Your entire catalog will be available to all users, and the sales possibilities are endless.

Optimize your Soundcloud account with your Beat Brokerz catalog today.

You can email with a link to your Soundcloud account that is linked with your Beat Brokerz beats. We will review your accounts, and hook you up with some Promo Points for free.

Also, if you are interested in Beat Brokerz posting any beats you have on Beat Brokerz on our Soundcloud page, email with a link to the beat on Beat Brokerz.



Promotion and marketing are the building blocks of any successful business. The success is in the ability to be seen by more people. There are many different ways to do this, but the beauty of creating art such as songs and instrumentals is you can also build a fan base.


A fan base in itself is a wonderful marketing tool and does not cost you a thing. The oldest and most effective form of advertising is word of mouth. Producers and artists use word of mouth as a promoting tool to cross into new fan base markets.


One marketing strategy for producers and artists is to create non profit uses of materials for promotional purposes. When a producer allows the non-commercial use of their beats, artists can compensate by giving the producer credit when promoting the free song, which in turn will promote the producers beats as a completed song. In some instances, the producer will promote the song to showcase what a talented artist sounds like on their beats.

This strategy has been in place for a long time and is the formula behind Beat Brokerz. We know that an artist that records on a beat is 88% more likely to purchase a license to use that music once the need for a license becomes apparent.


We offer free downloads on all the beats in our catalog to allow artists the opportunity to download, write to and record a demo, before choosing what they intend to do with the song and which license to buy for the rights to use the music.

Having thousands of beats to choose from to demo for recording projects is one of the powerful tools offered by Beat Brokerz for both producers and artists. This tool is the most useful lead in the online market by leading artists to create songs as well as producers getting sales on licensing rights. Creating new music to share with the world is the ultimate goal.


Beat Selling Website

Producers looking to promote to artists can now exchange their account balance on Beat Brokerz for the best deal available per point on promo points right after a sale. Not only that, but we will double it. That’s right, we will double the amount of Promo points you get. All you have to do is exchange your account balance on Beat Brokerz for a the promo point sale and email or call us.


Email or call 1-855-RAP-BEAT (727-2328) to claim your bonus Promo Points.


“Producers who work directly with Beat Brokerz generally make more sales and rank better in the charts. We offer incentives for producers who stay active and have top notch catalogs to help them maintain their rank.”


Sell Beats Online
Maximizing Beat Sales

If you are a music producer utilizing today’s online marketplace to maximize your beats sales, Beat Brokerz is for you!

We have many services available for hardworking music producers who are looking to set up shop. The more producers we have, the more options are available to artists looking for beats.

As our community grows it is important to stand out above the rest as a true music professional looking to network and do business.

Staying active opens up more opportunities for networking, but there really is one thing we need from you.


Having your beats in our catalog means customers can browse and shop your beats on Beat Brokerz and all the different platforms we make available to stream beats. The more beats we have, the more beats we can sell. If we don’t have your beats available, we can not sell them for you, minimizing your chances of making a sale.

Staying current and up to date on your beat uploading and checking your offer notifications, can help increase your sales. That helps us by making you more marketable which can lead to more beat sales.

Think of every beat selling website as a billboard advertisement, advertising you and your beats. Having an opportunity to be seen without doing a single thing is the advantage of having a catalog of beats available online.

Artists choose producers with quality sounds and a wide variety. Offering different licensing options, file formats and discount deals are what set the best above the rest. Being able to market what you offer is a valuable resource to advertise your professionalism.


Online Beats Selling
Maximizing Beat Sales

Producers who work directly with Beat Brokerz generally make more sales and rank better in the charts. We offer incentives for producers who stay active, and maintain top notch catalogs, to help them maintain their rank.

Your chart ranking is your position in our marketing campaign to sell your beats. The higher you are, the more likely customers will come across your beats, maximizing your chances for beats sales.

We are always available:

1-855-RAP-BEAT (727-2328)


“Different genres are available to create, however not all may be the right fit for every artist. Making different styles helps with creativity, but sticking to the majority favorite and top selling genres will increase sales if you can accomplish the familiar sound listeners are looking for.”



The whole idea of creating professional music is to make something good.

There are two parts to a song, the music and the lyrics. These two components have to match one another in order to make good music.

Creating a song is bringing a mood and story together. Music sets the mood, and the vocals tell the story through the lyrics.

The producer sets the mood by the emotions and feelings evoked from the music. From the chords to the melodies, everything can help set the mood, but most importantly is tempo.

Fast tempo versus slow tempo, or beats per minute (BPM), is what dictates the speed that the sounds are played at. Slow tempo music is referred to as “Down-tempo” because it’s usually long, drawn out and slow-paced. Fast tempo music is referred to as “Uptempo” because it is usually rapid, quick moving and fast-paced.

The types of sounds, used in specific keys, create the atmosphere to accompany the pace of the drum tempo. Using different sounds for different tempos helps achieve a different feel and mood. For example, a slow tempo may use a saxophone, bass and pianos creating a laid back feeling while a fast tempo might use synth leads, 808’s and plucked instruments to create a get up and dance feeling to move the listener.

These rules do not always apply; it comes down to the chords and melodies used, as well as the creativity and skill set of the composer. A highly skilled producer knows what musical mood they want to create, they just have to search for the right sounds to use and put them all together.

Having a good ear for music can help producers get ahead. Creating familiar sounds can be a gateway to a listeners interest. Different genres are available to create, however not all may be the right fit for every artist.

Making different styles helps with creativity, but sticking to the majority favorites and top selling genres will increase sales if you can accomplish the familiar sound listeners are looking for. Not only will it increase your sales, it will increase your marketability, and chances of music made with your beats winding up on the radio.

There is a common ground to all music on the radio, and that is simplicity. Industry producers are good at finding a couple of good sounds and using them to create melodic tunes that rappers can write catchy lyrics to. Making music that is easy to understand speaks to the listener. The language of music is the combination of all these sounds and how they provoke a specific feeling from not only the listener, but the artist as well. Creating an instrumental is the grounds for inspiration for writing lyrics, and there needs to be room for the vocals.

Setting the mood and keeping the music simple will help leave room for a vocalist to add their vocals and create a song. Replicating the moods of music heard often on the radio is what most producers strive for, all the while adding their own style and uniqueness to the mix. Creating these type of instrumentals is the key to unlocking the creativity of artists in search of these popular styles of music instrumentals online.

Music professionals looking for the right instrumental to make the next big hit come to Beat Brokerz to find beats. Having these sounds available to professional artists who shop on Beat Brokerz is what it takes to be a top seller. Before you trash that beat you’re working on because it’s too simple, put it out there and let the artists create.

Top quality, simple beats will lead to good music.



Sean Ali of Blitz Beats shows you a behind the scenes look at his Beat Brokerz account and explains the necessary steps to correctly and efficiently sell your beats online with the help of Beat Brokerz.

Let this team of elite music marketers help you with all of your music licensing needs and learn how to sell like a pro.

Watch the video to find out how to try Beat Brokerz Promo for FREE.




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FL Studio Tutorial- How to Chop and Screw Vocals with J-Rum



J-Rum creates a Chopped and Screwed Hook in FL Studio and shares valuable information about editing WAV files in FL Studio for music producers.
You can download the WAV Hook in RAR Format for your own remix!


J-Rum has been featured multiple times inside XXL Magazine. Artists have created songs and music videos to his beats. You can find those videos on WorldStarHipHop, StarForceHipHop + many other popular music sites.

He has worked with Hip Hop legend Eric. B, DJ Rell, DJ Babey Drew, The Ohio Players + many major brands such as Vossen Wheels, MLB Network, & TechSmith.

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Produced by Masked Drumatic

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