Who Am I?

who i am

“I envisioned a way I could sell beats for producers and have them be in control of every aspect, from the uploading of their files to the pricing and terms of their license contracts.”

Who am I?

I’m Royal aka Jon Dough. I’m the CEO and owner of Beat Brokerz. I’m an entrepreneur in the business of licensing instrumental beats.

As a lifelong artist, I stumbled into music naturally. What started as poems, rhymes and verses turned into a passion to create music from all aspects. I studied everything I could find online and networked with a lot of professional producers. What started as a search for beats to rap on turned into a new found passion to create.

In an attempt to save money, I slowly transitioned into making my own beats to rap on. At first I made crappy beats. Horrible. Non quantized garbage…nobody could rap on them. When I realized there was talent necessary in composing music soundtracks, I quickly switched to sampling.

A fellow artist sold me my first copy of Fruity Loops 3, a bunch of drum sounds and a folder of songs to sample. He also taught me the ins and outs of using the software. Prior to that, I attempted to use the software in the previous version but was clueless as to how it worked. Having someone teach me and give me a formula on how to make a sampled beat definitely helped.

Sampling was a much easier way to make beats. I discovered that I could take small slices and cuts from sampled loops of almost any song and make a beat. Adding effects and filters to the sounds helped hide the fact it was sampled. The ability to warp and bend sound frequencies is amazing. Once I began licensing my music, I realized the responsibilities of licensing that music to professional artists.

It was back to composing. I had to start from scratch. Learning how to write my own music, melodies and chord progressions was a long process that continues today. I never stop learning. Once I composed and sold my first license, I was hooked. Music was already a passion I pursued aggressively, investing lots of time and money into learning and perfecting my craft. Finally making money doing what I love to do changed my sole desire.

From that point on I’ve been chasing my dreams. Learning to compose music at a later age in life definitely exposed my learning curve to those younger than myself. However, working in sales – being good at sales – is my advantage. I am good at selling beats.

A lot of producers I talked to said they had troubles selling their beats. I told them about all the sales I had made for myself and a fellow producer whose beats I sold alongside my own catalog on my website. They expressed to me how tired they were of artists not following through with the purchases they promised to make. The difference was, not only did I put my phone number all over my website, I answered my phone every time it rang. Producers I dealt with tended to be introverted and shy, not wanting to deal so directly with people. Building relationships, building trust, was my advantage in making more sales.

They were interested in my knack for closing the deal and making beat sales. They wanted to focus on making their music, not have the nagging business clog up their time. To my surprise, the majority of these producers were much younger than me, most still in high school. Having to go to school or work is a full time job in itself. Having to both make beats and sell them too was proving to be too much. I became a “go-to” guy to sell beats. People I knew would recommend me to others and word of mouth grew.

Selling beats was a job I was willing to take, and the amount of producers wanting me to sell their beats grew. Because I was managing a small website and personally dealing with each and every file, I had to make sure that I had the necessary means to properly sell a beat.

Selling a beat, and then getting the files was something I found to be troublesome. I went to every effort to get the tracked out files to beats I knew I could sell. If I put the time and effort into selling the beats, I wanted to quickly and efficiently take care of the customers needs, so I could pay the producer his/her money.

Some beats sold as soon as I would upload them, others would hardly sell at all. That posed a problem, when your honesty comes into question. Having people think I was selling their beats and not paying them weighed heavy on my mind. I needed a solution.

I envisioned a way I could sell beats for producers and have them be in control of every aspect, from the uploading of their files to the pricing and terms of their license contracts.

The Beat Brokerz solution was created for producers interested in hosting their content to stream, license and download instantly. Every dilemma and hurdle I faced in my experience selling beats online was the building blocks of the beat selling tools I saw in Beat Brokerz. With the help of an old friend, and now partner, http://www.BeatBrokerz.com was created.

So who am I? I’m Royal aka Jon Dough, CEO of the company I’m so passionate about.

One thought on “Who Am I?

  1. Hey Royal, thanks for sharing some of your story with us. I found it to be inspiring and encouraging. I love what you have done with Beat Brokerz and I’m proud to be an affiliate of it. And I appreciate you guys being a professional platform for producers to sell their music and your customer/technical support has always been top notch and second to none. Wishing you guys the best in all your endeavors!

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